Covenant Haiku IX: The Slender Man Commeth—After Your Kids!

There is a creepy side of the Internet. We all know  this. But I was taken aback by this article by Leigh Ann Seger, an Internet Safety Consultant with Covenant Eyes: “Slender Man and Other Big Fat Digital Dangers Headed for Your Young Children.”

Seger tells of the bizarre and sometimes horrific (fictional) stories that circulate online. While the stories may be harmless for adults, they may cause a huge problem for young, impressionable kids.

Seger’s exposé unpacks the reasons why this type of content may be harmful to your kids. It’s all about the not-fully-developed brains of children. Seger quotes David Walsh, a child psychologist:

The teenage brain is different from the adult brain, says Walsh. The impulse control center of the brain, the part of the brain that enables us to think ahead, consider consequences, manage urges—that’s the part of the brain right behind our forehead called the prefrontal cortex. He says part of the brain is under construction during the teenage years. In fact, Walsh continues, the wiring of that is not completed until the early 20s (Covenant Eyes).

The development of the brain is under construction during the teen years and is not complete until kids are well into adulthood! This is an insightful article, one which will raise parental hackles.

A word to the wise: Parents, pay close attention to the content to which your kids are exposed online—a must read for parents raising healthy kids with healthy brains.

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