See Dick and Jane Browse with Covenant Eyes

This will be my last entry for a project I have worked on over the past couple weeks—a friendly competition in the offices of Covenant Eyes. Most of the poetry on this site is not work related, but this one is. It is written in the form of an Elizabethan (Shakespearian) sonnet and is parodic of a wonderful children’s book series popularized in the 1930’s: Fun with Dick and Jane.

Seriously, the plight of Dick and Jane in this sonnet is far too common in our culture:

According to the third Youth Internet Safety Survey, published in 2010, the ages when youth were unwillingly exposed to nudity online were: 10-12: 15%, 13-15: 23%, and 16-17: 28% (Pornography Statistics).

Select this link for a free Covenant Eyes e-book with comprehensive porn stats.

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See Dick and Jane Browse with Covenant Eyes

Let’s look while Dick and Jane discover games.

The Internet makes learning so much fun.

And see how Jane can hack the usernames.

Now Jane is watching Dick do something dumb.

He’s watching porn and Jane is quite surprised.

She can’t decide to scream or turn and run,

For Dick is so transfixed and mesmerized.

And kids’ despoiled minds become quite numb.

So Dick and Jane were full of crazy fears,

When Mommy saw, the kids tried telling fibs.

Then truth came out and eyes welled up with tears.

But soon they found a way to guard their kids.

A company records all sites we see,

Blocks porn and prompts real honesty.

—Donald Lindsey

©  All Rights Reserved

1 September 2014


Online Predators Hunting for Your Kids

Covenant Haiku XI #SafefuardingKids

About your children

Whom predators are hunting

Kids need protection

I urge everyone with children to learn everything they can about Internet predators. Covenant Eyes provides free educational resources. Please go to this link and learn what you can do to protect your kids:

“Internet Predators 101: What you need to know to protect your kids”

Covenant Haiku IX: The Slender Man Commeth—After Your Kids!

There is a creepy side of the Internet. We all know  this. But I was taken aback by this article by Leigh Ann Seger, an Internet Safety Consultant with Covenant Eyes: “Slender Man and Other Big Fat Digital Dangers Headed for Your Young Children.”

Seger tells of the bizarre and sometimes horrific (fictional) stories that circulate online. While the stories may be harmless for adults, they may cause a huge problem for young, impressionable kids.

Seger’s exposé unpacks the reasons why this type of content may be harmful to your kids. It’s all about the not-fully-developed brains of children. Seger quotes David Walsh, a child psychologist:

The teenage brain is different from the adult brain, says Walsh. The impulse control center of the brain, the part of the brain that enables us to think ahead, consider consequences, manage urges—that’s the part of the brain right behind our forehead called the prefrontal cortex. He says part of the brain is under construction during the teenage years. In fact, Walsh continues, the wiring of that is not completed until the early 20s (Covenant Eyes).

The development of the brain is under construction during the teen years and is not complete until kids are well into adulthood! This is an insightful article, one which will raise parental hackles.

A word to the wise: Parents, pay close attention to the content to which your kids are exposed online—a must read for parents raising healthy kids with healthy brains.

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Covenant Haiku VIII

Bear one another’s burdens….” (Galatians 6:2a)

Have you ever gone down a path which lured you into the realm of Internet pornography? Are you concerned that your family members may be facing the same temptations day in, day out?

Practically everybody faces sexual temptation online at some point in their lives: Everybody is lured and enticed by their own desire, and when that desire is enticed by sensual online images, we sometimes fall: we go places we know we should not have gone.

So, how do we stop temptation dead in its tracks? This is a loaded question, but one sure-fire way to begin is to install a good accountability tool for protection. Covenant Eyes accountability software will equip you with the most advanced protection available today.

Imagine protecting your entire family on all devices for only 13.99 a month!

“Imagine getting a report of the websites your kids visit, the search terms they use, and the YouTube videos they watch. Imagine protecting them online with a filter that’s tailored to their needs and blocks the Internet completely at certain times a day. Imagine that protection following you and your family on all the computers, smartphones, and tablets you use” (Covenant Eyes).

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