Meta-Cobalt Sky

November bare trees

Cobalt-blue pierces your heart

Winter’s ascension



God Shuffles His Feet

Isaac’s eye scorned

He laughs at creature comforts

He wrestles with God

The Earth is Delicious

My wife is a star!

Her ratatouille slays tongues!

She makes the earth smile!

Most of the ingredients she uses come from the earth (our garden), which belongs to God. Here is a recipe. But if you want the best ratatouille on earth, ask  my wife (via comments on this blog), and I’m sure she’ll be happy to show you how you can make any tummy smile!

So why should we eat and drink to the glory of God? Look here!

στοιχεῖα (stoicheia)

στοιχεῖα (stoicheia)

Rain on burnt forest,

The earth, water, fire and air,

God regenerates.

Select this link to read a definition of στοιχεῖα (stoicheia), “the elements.”