My King, My All in All

coram deo academics

(Before the Face of God)

I have had the privilege of teaching Writing Composition and Literature classes over the past two years at Coram Deo Academics—a one-day per week classical education resource for homeschoolers. The rewards are great: I have developed relationships with an amazing  group of colleagues (an all volunteer staff!), awesome parents, and most of all, I have been richly blessed by the kids. I work with teenagers, and the extraordinary relationships I have developed with these students is the reason why my teaching experience is so rewarding. These are kids whose hearts and minds have been formed with honesty, integrity, dignity, accountability, love, and respect. (Not to say you won’t see upstanding students like mine in any given public school, but you would be hard pressed to see as many in one place such as this.) My students are exceptional.

One Exceptional Student

Jasmine Guillen, one of my honor students, is a gregarious, intelligent, and talented young lady with a penchant for language and literature, and she particularly excels in poetics.  I am honored and pleased to present two of her poems. This was not a homework assignment. Jasmine simply responded to a general plea I made to my class in April (during National Poetry Month):  “Isn’t there one of you who will write a poem for me?”  Subsequently, these two poems are Jasmine’s gift to all who read.

kneeling before god

My King, My All in All

Through the darkest depths
Of the deepest doom,
You are the light that shines
Through the gloom.

You are strong through the
Dark night,
And you are the morning bright.

You keep me going on a rough
You're right beside me, there to stay.

Sometimes you're my only friend,
Helping my broken heart to mend.

Forever a friend, and very kind,
You're the way out when dark thoughts
Cloud my mind.

—Jasmine Guillen

Copyright © 2013

arabian horse

The Arabian Horse

Soft, shiny, rippling mane,
He stands, flaxen, tall, flung out.
His noble, dished face is like that 
Of his ancestors who pounded
Through the dry desert.
His nostrils flare as he takes in
The scents of the wild.
His muscles ripple with the call to
Run and be free.
His silky mane rustles along his neck.
He half-rears, dancing on slender legs.

His whinny pierces the air.
Small, neat ears are atop his
Refined head, alert and listening.
His fleet hooves are ready to carry
Him across the desert.
He stands on top of a sand hill,
Clearly outlined against the setting sun.

He trumpets his challenge to 
Anything listening.
His proud fierceness is well-known.
He is the Arabian Horse.

—Jasmine Guillen

Copyright © 2013


Miraculous Envenomation

Acts 28:6

School’s Out for Summer

Go out and find a viper

They may call you “god”


They were waiting for him to swell up or suddenly fall down dead. But when they had waited a long time and saw no misfortune come to him, they changed their minds and said that he was a god (Acts 28:6).

Read Acts 28 Here.

Haiku: Robotic Prostitutes?

What the Future Holds

Safe? No STDs?

It’s wretched idol worship,

Life-like adultery

What does God say about adultery?
Where did this word “adultery” come from?
What are the consequences of adultery?
Lust: Fighting the Battle: A Covenant Eyes Weblog
What is one to do with lust?
Discovery News: “Robot Prostitutes, the Future of SexTourism,” by Nic Halverson

Sestina: Christendom


Christmastime, and the streets are filled with people:
Ragamuffins, thieves, shoppers and pagans.
The season is celebrated by heathens,
but Christmas is a season of joy,
and Sinterklaas may be a heretic;
conversely, you might ask, “Who are you to judge”?

Well, even Santa is accountable to He who is ready to judge
the quick and the dead—which is you, me, all the people;
heretical is as heretical does, so you define “heretic.”
Christmas is celebrated by millions of pagans,
yet 4th century Christians celebrated Christ’s birth with joy.
Alas, too many of us celebrate like heathens.

If you think you might be a heathen,
It’s important for you to know that there is a Judge,
that one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy,
which is a gift available to many people
even to the pagan,
and maybe even the heretic.

I was born and raised a bona fide heretic.
I was numbered with the heathens,
and I celebrated Christmas like a pagan.
But some time ago I was regenerated by the Righteous Judge.
This miracle happens to all sorts of people,
and if you’re so blessed by Jesus, you’ll know true joy.

I really haven’t cornered the market on joy;
I’m reborn in Christ, so it can happen to any heretic;
and God has regenerated millions of His people.
We must (at opportune times) speak the truth to every heathen:
Talk about where we’re going after we meet the Judge;
and talk about celebrating Christ’s birth vs. celebrating like a pagan.

Love your neighbors as you love yourself—even pagans,
and I guarantee it will bring you great joy.
To do this, you must first love the Lord—the Righteous Judge;
for if you don’t love God, it is likely that you’re a heretic,
more likely that you’re a heathen,
and most likely you’re numbered with Satan’s people.

Let’s celebrate Christmas heartily, with all heretics and pagans:
Speak of Christ’s birth (with love) to all heathens—share the joy!
Share the Gospel with all people, and do not judge.