Two Poems by Connor Rose

Mr. Lindsey, AKA King Henry V & Connor Rose, AKA the Duke of Athens, Sir Theseus (an honorable Knight).

In my 2018 literature class we put on a Medieval feast (with everybody in costume) to celebrate the end of the school year. We had a fantastic time jousting, acting like barbarians, and gorging ourselves on turkey legs and ancient recipes passed down from The Wife of Bath, Beowulf, Macbeth, and other motley characters.

Last year in Ancient Literature, one of my students, Connor, wrote a poem titled “Up the Mast,” rhyming couplets, which was inspired by our reading of Odysseus’ spectacular exploits in The Odyssey.

This year Connor attended my Medieval Literature course, in which he was inspired to write a couple more poems: “Running Through the Forest,” inspired whilst reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood; and “When Sin Runs Rampant” is a work Connor composed while we were studying The Divine Comedy.

I hope you enjoy the work of Connor Rose, a young man of intellectual deftness, sensibility, and exceptional artistry.

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Top Three Poems . . .

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A hearty thank you to everyone who participated in our poetry competition! And I have to thank and acknowledge all 10 poets entered in the contest. Thanks, kids! I have an awesome group of scholars!

The votes are counted and I’m ready to announce the top three poems in our Ancient Literature class’ ‘Till We Have Faces Poetry Competition’ (drum roll, please)!

Lets take a look at the poems which received the most votes for first, second and third in our competition . . . .

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Judges Needed for Poetry Contest

I’m recruiting lovers of literature to act as judges of poems for a poetry contest we have begun in our Coram Deo Academics class (a Classical Education homeschooling resource in Michigan). This is a middle-school aged group of kids. 10 poems are entered in the contest. Please review the poems and send an email message to me indicating your choice for first, second, and third place to (or, if you wish, post a comment with your top three choices: first, second, and third best).

The only criteria for the contest is that the poems must either mention or allude to a character or plot line in the classic Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold, by CS Lewis, and all 10 poems have fulfilled that requirement.

Rewards will be given to all students participating.

I will monitor all comments, tally all votes and announce the top three place winners in a new post on this blog. To decrease bias and increase Internet safety, each student’s name is attributed an alias.

Scroll down to see all 10 poems. Thank you for your help!

Orual the Thief

Orual the Thief

Orual was an ugly person, Orual was a thief,

Orual came to my house and stole a piece of beef,

I went to Orual’s house and Orual wasn’t in,

I came upon her Sunday hat and poked it with a pin,

Orual was an ugly person, Orual was a sham,

Orual came to my house and stole a leg of lamb,

I went to Orual’s house and Orual wasn’t in,

I came upon her Sunday clothes and put ’em in a bin,

Orual was an ugly person, Orual was a beast,

Orual came to my house and had a gigantic feast,

I went to Orual’s house and Orual was in bed,

I went up and threw a bone at her head.

©  by Rap Stamper