Up The Mast


I’ve been an instructor in a homeschooling co-op over the past six years, teaching a variety of literature, English comp, and research writing courses. It’s a rewarding experience, and I’ve been blessed by fabulous relationships with students and their parents over the years.

My extra credit assignments include a variety of exercises, including essay, comprehension questions, drawing, and poetry. Once in a while I publish student poems on this site. Later in the year (April) I will hold a poetry contest and publish a few student poems, but for now, I’ve been granted permission to post Connor Rose’s latest poem.

Connor is one of my brightest and most insightful students, and his poem is inspired by our study of Homer’s Odyssey. With great pleasure, I offer you “Up the Mast,” drafted in rhyming couplets. Enjoy!

Up the Mast

Now I’m an old man, but I still can remember,

But could I forget? Oh, why, I could not ever!

They that would attack me were hot on my trail,

And on board a ship I could never prevail.

I scrambled up the mast, into the high crow’s nest,

And fired an arrow straight into a man’s chest.

I saw that the men were now up on the mast,

So I grabbed a thick rope, and I held on so fast.

I climbed up to the top, and then I looked down,

And saw a pursuer coming up with a frown.

He quickly climbed up the rope as far as he dared,

But I sliced the thick string; and you know how he fared…

He tumbled and fell on to the wooden deck;

He landed and broke another villain’s neck.

I jumped from the mast, and on to the sail;

I saw my own ship, my own friend at her rail.

I slid down the cloth, grabbed onto the rigging;

Let myself down on a rope and went running.

Quickly jumping off the side and into the seas,

I swam to my friends, who helped me up with ease.

Now I’m an old man, but I still can remember,

But could I forget? Oh, why, I could not ever!

@ by Connor Rose

November 13, 2016

All Rights Reserved



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