The Jewel of Alabama

Have you ever tried to grow Okra? It is tricky in Michigan because of the cool temps we get, even in the summer. I have had some success over the years, and some monumental failures. Today’s high temp in Owosso will be approximately 90 degrees. I am excited, but mostly for my beloved friends, Ron and Glenda Davis, who hail from Alabama.

When I do have successful Okra years, Ron and Glenda are the beneficiaries (I keep a little for my household, but most of it goes to my friends). For Okra success, as in in all things vegetable and fruit in my garden, all the glory goes to God, for He blesses the fruit of my labor.

And here it is, dedicated to Ron & Glenda, my Ode to the Jewel of Alabama, a haiku just for you.

 Ode to the Jewel of Alabama

Hot weather jewel
Crispy skin, unctuous inside
Gumbo or flash fried




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