Meditation on Woodchuck

Have you ever watched an animal which appears to be engaged in deep thought?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hibernate? What if you had a dream which lasted four months? And what if that dream was all about the love of your life?

This is the spirit in which this poem is written. I hope you enjoy “Meditation on Woodchuck.”

Meditation on Woodchuck
In a deep wood, near a brook,
I watched a lonesome woodchuck
sitting on a rock, gazing at the sky, 
which was blue as blue as blue.
He did not know I was watching, 
for he was immersed in deep thought
over a swanky marmot he had met
down by the waterfall, in a dream.
They were rock solid cold nights,
and the dream lasted four months,
until spring, and when he awakened
the dream became instantly vivid.
And it stays with him to this day, 
much in the same way I think of you,
dear wife, day after day. 

But you are not the apparition of a dream,
You are the dream,
And you never depart from my thoughts.

© by Donald Lindsey 6/12/16

All rights reserved.



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