Forever in Fear

Forever in Fear

Psyche looked upon her husband with lantern in hand,

Unknown her fate at hand with a startle he awoke,

Terrible her husband’s wrath,

Tearing down walls ripping their palace apart,

Sent away Psyche crying and in fear,

To a terrible fate wandering forever in fear.

© by Kory Cavedweller


One God

One God

It is said that there are many gods, but only

One that is real.

Fox says (Till We Have Faces) that there are

No gods because we have no proof.

Bardia says, leave them alone.


But the case for The One real God has so

Much proof.

If only we open our minds to the Truth.

The One True God loves us so much,

He doesn’t want us to leave him alone.

©  by Clive Cumberbun