Advent begins Sunday, December 2nd, and we’re celebrating Christ the God-Man who came to save those with whom he is well pleased. Please read on to hear about his birth in a free verse poem titled “Light of the Living.” 


Mary's water breaks,
God shuffles his feet,
and light beckons
from the birth canal.
The child
arrives in grandeur.
Angels appear
before shepherds.
They announce:
“Glory to God 
in the highest,
and on earth 
peace among those
with whom he is pleased!”

The Heavens
and its inhabitants
strike the hallelujah chorus:
"In Israel's darkest days,
Her promised Savior,
is here: Emmanuel!
God with us."
And two millennium later,
still, we sing
and praise
His holy name.

Black Friday

Black Friday

“When Black Friday comes  / I’m gonna dig myself a hole / Gonna lay down in it ’til / I satisfy my soul”—Steely Dan

With pockets gilded gold you hit the store
to seek the steals and deals which spike
adrenalin—the crazy high; what’s more,
you’re making dreams come true, baby, despite

the parking jams and people squishing in,
frenzied shoppers bent on scoring big.
You’re not aware you sport an evil grin,
nor that you’re not yourself: you’re now a pig.

You squeal each time you see a sale; one eye,
it twitches whilst you flounder through rubbish,
the shelves—the filth!—before you question why.
You dash outside and scream, “My Christmas wish!”

You kneel, see sky, shed tears, bow head and pray:
“The stars proclaim, my God!—the Savior’s Day!