You Vulnerable? Covenant Haiku XII

Jonathan Holmes has a great post up on the Covenant Eyes blog which delves into the gut-wrenching reasons for viewing pornographic images. He offers some fabulous advice for pastors who are searching for an accountability model that motivates an atmosphere of healing and sanctification. The article is titled “Fostering Christ-Centered Vulnerability in Your Church About Pornography,” and it may be found here. 

Holmes drills deep into the reasons why online accountability does not work (of and by itself); he explains what is needed alongside online accountability: “Embedded Accountability”:

By nature, I think many of us struggle with awkwardness in social settings. Accountability-specific relationships as they relate to pornography and purity only heighten this relational dynamic. I know what question is going to be asked of me, and I know I can either lie about it or tell the truth. Not very many options.

If that’s the conversation, I’ll soon either be a consummate liar or overwhelmed with guilt and shame. Neither of which promotes the life-saving truth of the gospel (Holmes).

This article is packed with wisdom and great accountability advice. I highly recommend this article for Christian counselors, mentors, pastors, or anyone who wants to foster a profoundly effective accountability relationship.

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