My name is "Anishinaabe," created 
from nothing interesting,
until Gitche Manitou cut out my heart, 
gave me a new one,
and now I walk a straight path.   
I was spontaneously selected
by Gitche's mercy and grace
for life abundant, 
but I rebel against it.
I don't know why.

I have a murderous heart,
a tongue of fire,
and a desire to steal Gitche's glory, 
but I want to make him smile,
and I don't know why.

He breathed new life 
into my loathsome soul,
purges my offenses,
and loves me completely,
but why?

He adopted me into his family,
and I call him "Abba,"
daddy, and I'm his child,
and he will never leave me.
This I know that I know that I know,
and I consent to it.     



Feast of St. John: ‘That Disciple Whom Jesus Loved’

That Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Judas hanged himself.

James ‘The Lesser was tossed

From atop the Temple

Then beaten with a club.

James “The Greater” received

The sword, and Andrew,

Peter, Paul, Philip, and Simon

‘The Zealot’ were crucified.

Bartholomew was flayed

And then crucified.

Thomas was burned alive.

Judas (Thaddeus, not Iscariot)

Was beaten with sticks.

Matthias (Iscariot’s replacement)

Was stoned on a cross.

All were proclaiming Good News,

Save for Judas Iscariot,

Throughout torture and death.

Yet John was spared,

And what is that to you?

Said Jesus.

Copyright © 27 December 2014

All Rights Reserved

Donald Lindsey