Beauty is sweet music, tender, joyful, or sad
Soothing for the heart in times good or bad
Beauty is the flaming sunset—colorful and bright
Illuminating the horizon with a blazing light
Beauty is a graceful swan, gliding on a lake, fine and delicate
Snowy white feathers, gleaming, perfect and intricate
Beauty is a red rose—the color of life-giving blood
Without blemish, tiny and perfect, is a fair rosebud
Beauty is a sparkling stream with its chuckling call
It is also in a rushing, roaring waterfall
Beauty, in human form, is the goddess-queen Psyche
She, by the wise Fox, is called Aphrodite
Beauty is in the earth; hidden diamonds, rubies, many a wondrous gem
They dazzle the eye, and for many a king is a treasured emblem
Beauty is a majestic horse, tall and proud
Whose noble head is high, and whinny loud
Beauty is the topmost tree in an oaken forest
Strong and ancient, reaching up with branches highest
Beauty is the etched lines in an aged man’s face
Smiling on his family—full of joy and grace
Beauty is in speech, story, song, and poem
Words mixed and put together to create a wondrous anthem
Beauty is in this world; it is everywhere
Amid darkness, it shines royal, bright, and fair
All this wonderful, stunning beauty God created for us to see
To enjoy, love, remember, and that in itself is beautiful, all can agree

© by Juliet Tempest

Forever in Fear

Forever in Fear

Psyche looked upon her husband with lantern in hand,

Unknown her fate at hand with a startle he awoke,

Terrible her husband’s wrath,

Tearing down walls ripping their palace apart,

Sent away Psyche crying and in fear,

To a terrible fate wandering forever in fear.

© by Kory Cavedweller

Poetry Contest: “Stuck”


I am stuck

I can never be free

I have chains pinning me down

I can only be the person I am

Not the person I want to be

I’ve tried to escape

But I cannot

I’ve tried to forget

But it all comes back

I long to be Orual

But I will never be her

For I am Ungit

And that is who I will always be

I will forever be bound by the ropes of who I am

Never being who I could

© by Sami Raindrops