This poem by Lauren Smith, who is a standout in my Modern Lit class, is an honest assessment of the power of words. In its brevity and casual tone, it stands out as a testament and admonishment to all: choose your words wisely, and know that the tongue wields fire and honey. What’s in a word? Peace, beauty, redemption, and love…but also dissent, cruelty, murder, and death. I love this poem. I hope you enjoy “Words.”

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Feast of St. John: ‘That Disciple Whom Jesus Loved’

That Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Judas hanged himself.

James ‘The Lesser was tossed

From atop the Temple

Then beaten with a club.

James “The Greater” received

The sword, and Andrew,

Peter, Paul, Philip, and Simon

‘The Zealot’ were crucified.

Bartholomew was flayed

And then crucified.

Thomas was burned alive.

Judas (Thaddeus, not Iscariot)

Was beaten with sticks.

Matthias (Iscariot’s replacement)

Was stoned on a cross.

All were proclaiming Good News,

Save for Judas Iscariot,

Throughout torture and death.

Yet John was spared,

And what is that to you?

Said Jesus.

Copyright © 27 December 2014

All Rights Reserved

Donald Lindsey








Where Christianity and Judaism Meet

Where Christianity and Judaism Meet

“More reasons why Christians should appreciate Hanukkah” – Luke Gilkerson

Antiochus IV enters,

Robs and burns

The City of David.

He pours boiled pig broth

Across the Torah,

The throne of God.

Yet Yudah ha Makkabi,

“Judah the Hammer,”

 Takes the city back.

O Jerusalem,” Jesus weeps. 

—DB Lindsey

© 12/15/14

All Rights Reserved

Feast of Dedication

One God

One God

It is said that there are many gods, but only

One that is real.

Fox says (Till We Have Faces) that there are

No gods because we have no proof.

Bardia says, leave them alone.


But the case for The One real God has so

Much proof.

If only we open our minds to the Truth.

The One True God loves us so much,

He doesn’t want us to leave him alone.

©  by Clive Cumberbun