Mr. Covid Head (1962)

I met this creature in 1962 whose face appeared in my second story bedroom window when I was only seven. My brother Rich and I shared a bedroom together, and he was only five at the time.

Anyway, Rich woke up and we had a funky chat with this creature. We talked about all sorts of weirdness. At one point, the creature said, “My name is Mr. Covid Head and I have come to warn you: Get yourselves a jab, boys.” We really didn’t know what he was talking about.

Later on, quite a few years later, Rich told me that it was a crazy-weird thing meeting Mr. Head. We had never mentioned the experience to anyone since it had happened, not to each other or even our parents.

So here we are, a couple guys in our 60s. Vaccinated and everything. Now I wonder if Mr. Head will ever show up again and say something like “I’m glad you boys got the jab” That would be pretty cool. Rich and I both think it would be crazy-cool to Meet Mr. Head again.


Thank you for following! I hope you return soon.

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