3rd Day of Christmas: Feast of Holy Innocents

Who was this ghastly king, and what were his infamous deeds? Herod the Great was a convert to Judaism. He was a prefect of the Roman Empire, a tyrant, a brilliant politician, and a murderous villain. He accomplished some spectacular building projects, including an expansion of the second temple in Jerusalem. Among the victims of his murderous carnage, he killed his wife, his brother, and two of his sisters’ husbands, but what is his enduring legacy in the Holy Scriptures?

The story from Matthew 2:1-18  explains how Herod, who was fearful and insecure about losing his iron grip on power, was really freaked out about a certain new-born King of the Jews. After Herod met with the three Wise Men (of the Nativity), he decided to kill all two-year-old (and under) baby boys in Bethlehem. See the Matthew link for the full story.

December 28 is Childermass, or the “Feast of the Holy Innocents,” on which, in the Catholic tradition,  babies are recognized as the first Patron Saints, the first martyrs of Christianity.

And if you are curious about the mysteriously horrible death King Herod suffered, select the “gangrene” link in the third line of my haiku.

Herod the Serial Killer

the great king herod

baby boy mass murderer

gangrene got his goat






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