Twain Hearts

This is a recent picture (taken in March of 2017) of me and my lovely wife on the dance floor, and in honor of God making the most perfect match for me, I have written a new sonnet titled “Twain Hearts.”
So here’s to God, “the best maker of all marriages . . .” Guys, God has never created “a perfect woman,” but never doubt that He can create the perfect woman for you. I hope you enjoy “Twain Hearts.”


God, the best maker of all marriages,
Combine your hearts in one . . .
– William Shakespeare
Half-cup of dust and sweet and sour sky,
A pinch of pluck, aplomb and salt, then blend
With loads of light and love to mystify,
And make a suacy dame for you, my friend.
You take a mess of mirth and glee, and blend
A cup of solid grit, a pint of ale,
And boil the brew until it stands on end:
You get a manly prize beyond the pale.
The motley twains would never find a match,
Until the Potter’s wheel began to turn,
And merge the wayward, mottled hearts from scratch:
His hands design a love to ever-burn.
How gorgeous are the hearts of man and wife,
Who bear the Potter’s likeness all their life.

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