Marmot News: Hot Off the Press


marmot news

With Marmot Day approaching, I have stopped lamenting over the evils of the world: poverty, a dark malaise over the upcoming presidential general election, horrendous terrorist shootings, corrupt government officials, my own corruption, and the radical depravity of humankind. Nope: my thoughts and attitudes have been magnificently transformed, all for the sake of an exceptional marmot. Marmots the world over are talking about CE Marmot!

He is from France and his name is Cé Marmόt, pronounced “Say Marmoh.” He spreads love and cheer where ever he goes, and he is making his annual pilgrimage to Owosso, Michigan this Monday for Marmot Day, a special day he sets aside for Covenant Eyes employees and their families to meet for lunch, tell marmot jokes, play games, deliberate over whether summer ends on July 25th or continues for another six weeks, and eat lots of ice cream!

Stay tuned for the outcome: will Cé Marmόt stay out of his hole, or will he drive off into the sunset and thus bless us with another six weeks of summer?

Lets hear it for Marmot Day and Cé Marmόt! Continue reading to see my haiku dedicated to all marmots, and of course Marmot Day.

ce marmot
 All marmots praise him
 Furry fun and love for all
 His day in the sun



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