#setfree2016 Public Health Crisis

What is Set Free Summit?

Experts on the effects of pornography on the brain, human sexuality,  prostitution, human sex trafficking, and church leaders from around the globe are speaking this week in Greensboro, NC, at the 2016 Set Free Summit. Over 850 community leaders are present for this event. To learn more about Set Free Summit, co-hosted by Josh McDowell and Covenant Eyes, visit Conference Details. #setfree2016 underscores the battle lines drawn in the fight over which cultural entity will win the hearts and minds of culture.

Will we become a people with a distorted view of human sexuality–pornography, rape, prostitution, and human sex trafficking, or will we set the standards for incorruptibility, integrity, honesty, and virtue?  For Josh McDowell and Ron DeHaas (President of Covenant Eyes), this is a noble calling–a battle for the hearts and minds of all people.

Continue reading to see “Public Health Crisis,” a #setfree2016 haiku.



Public health crisis

Porn use distorts healthy brains

Don’t be a smut head




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