2015-07-17 12.12.13


My dear friend and summer office mate Caitlin wrote me a haiku in a card, which really warms my heart, a Just-For-You-Haiku. The outside of the card says “This poem is for you. / It doesn’t rhyme or make sense. / But at least it’s short.” –American Greetings, Cleveland, Ohio 44144.

Inside is the one she wrote for me:

This card screamed “Donald!”

Thank you for being a friend

I’ll get more Zeppelin


It has been a joyful experience having Caitlin in the office this summer. I wish her the best in her educational, spiritual, vocational, and personal life. All the best to you, Caitlin! and I hope you find the perfect Led Zeppelin song to inspire you in the most sublime way.

–Donald Lindsey



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