A World Without Filters, Without Pornography

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Nowadays 90% of boys and 70% of girls are exposed to porn. This has turned a generation on its ear: Credible sources say 68% of young men and 18% of young women view porn weekly (“Latest Pornography Statistics”).  Make no mistake: there is an ongoing battle for our children’s hearts and minds.

Covenant Eyes, a small Internet safety company, has revolutionized this battle. A new generation of youth have been trained to utilize technology without falling into the perverse reaches of the Internet. These are Covenant Kids (“Accountable Kids”), young adults who have learned to browse with freedom and integrity rather than suffering physical, mental, and relational devastation imposed by the wild, wild-west culture of the Web. See two former ‘Accountable Kids,’ now young adults, in a video here. Accountable Kids grow up to be young adults prepared for a world without filters.

Covenant Eyes is revolutionizing a world in which generations of children live intentionally, with free will, demonstrating integrity and responsibility (online and off) in their lives (see video link above).

Covenant Eyes provides a multitude of free educational resources designed for parents, clergy, and mentors. This is a first step. Your next is to download Covenant Eyes Accountability Software. Covenant Eyes prompts a dialogue between you and your kids. Don’t allow the Web to raise your kids. Start the conversation today.


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